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2015 Spring Semester Guidelines for Applicants
15-05-12 01:46

2015 Spring Semester Guidelines for Applicants

Direction of Education  

Study on the humanistic value of unification and unification plan

Study on the historical trauma and its healing plan

Comparative study and unified study among Koreans' humanities  

Curriculum Management

Philosophy/ literature/ history/ language/ culture, convergence of the studies

Unification studies based on the comparative study between South and North Korean's value emotion living culture

Unified Korean study based on the comparative study among Korean studies / Joseon studies / Korean diaspora studies

Healing of historical trauma / unification culture contents / unification education content


New Students' Benefits  


HK researcher of the IHU in Konkuk University 

Study course outline and screening schedule 

- Subject of study : humanities for unification studies

- Major : humanities for unification

- Course: MA and PhD

- Screening schedule

 • 2014.10.27(Mon)~11.05(Wed): application period (internet)

 • 2014.10.27(Mon)~11.07(Fri): receive documents (administrative office of The IHU in Konkuk University)

 • 2014.11.22(Sat): oral test

 • 2014.12.17(Wed): announce the names of the applicants who passed