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Advertise for New Students
14-06-12 07:27

Advertise for New Students

Unification for humanities in Graduate School open in September 2014


▶ Direction of Education  

• Study on the humanistic value of unification and unification plan

• Study on the historical trauma and its healing plan

• Comparative study and unified study among Koreans' humanities  


▶ Curriculum Management 

• Philosophy/ literature/ history/ language/ culture, convergence of the studies

• Unification studies based on the comparative study between South and North Korean's value ․ emotion ․ living culture

• Unified Korean study based on the comparative study among Korean studies / Joseon studies / Korean diaspora studies

• Healing of historical trauma / unification culture contents / unification education content


▶ New Students' Benefits  

• Scholarship

• HK researcher of the IHU in Konkuk University 


▶ Study course outline and screening schedule  

- Subject of study : humanities for unification studies

- Major : humanities for unification

- Course: MA and PhD

- Screening schedule

• 2014.05.08(Thur)~16(Fri): application period (internet)

• 2014.05.08(Thur)~20(Tue): receive documents (administrative office of The IHU in Konkuk University)

• 2014.05.31(Sat): oral test

• 2014.06.18(Wed): announce the names of the applicants who passed

• 2014.09.01(Mon): opening a course